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About Telecom Listings


Telecom Listings is an online marketplace for new, used, refurbished telecommunications equipment. We are the only community dedicated to helping buyers and sellers of telecom products from anywhere on the globe connect online.


We started life from this observation: Telecommunications has grown exponentially, yet no single marketplace meets the needs of telecom users, administrators, and vendors who just want a simple, trustworthy place to buy and sell their merchandise.

So we stepped in: Telecom Listings provides a dedicated space where affordable telecom equipment can be bought and sold in confidence and security. A dedicated space means that your items won’t be lost in the clutter that clogs other online marketplaces.

When someone wants telecom, they come to Telecom Listings.


When we looked at the typical outlets, we saw that sellers were getting squeezed. The typical outlets took 10%, 15% or even more of the sellers’ profits.

5% on a sale: that’s it. That’s all we charge. All listings are free up to twenty-five thousand items. It’s only fair.

Fair prices on the sellers’ end mean fair prices on the buyers’ end. And everyone benefits.


A safe community is a happy community. And Telecom Listings takes the security of all its users very seriously.

Start with HTTPS and industry-standard SSL encryption. Then add McAfee SECURE certification. Then add that every single seller must be verified before they sell a single item. All transactions are securely routed through PayPal, the gold standard of borderless online payment. PayPal also ensures the buyer against fraud.

Shop with trust on Telecom Listings.