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  • Accounts

    For instructions on creating a new account, click here.

  • How do I sign in to my account?

    In the upper-right corner, click Log In.

  • How do I reset my password?

    In the upper-right corner, click Log In. Above the blue button, click Forgot your password?

  • Why didn't I get a confirmation email after creating my account?

    It may take up to 15 minutes for an email to be received from our servers to your inbox. Check your spam box and if it’s there, add our e-mail address to your contacts: customerservice@telecomlistings.com

  • How do I change my store's URL/name?

    To modify your store, go to Members Area > Store > Store Settings (halfway down the page). What you enter as Store Name is automatically used as the URL.

  • How do I delete my account?

    If you wish to delete your Telecom Listings account, please contact us and we will do so for you.

  • Do I need to leave feedback?

    At Telecom Listings, it is important to leave Feedback ratings as a buyer and seller. High ratings indicate that a buyer can be trusted to complete payment and a seller can be trusted with an honest listing. Low ratings consistently will lead to account investigation from Telecom Listings.

  • Buying

  • How do auctions work?

    A seller creates a listing for an item to sell to the highest bidder and starts the bidding with a given price. Buyers enter the maximum amount they are willing to spend for that listing’s item and pay for the lowest competing bid.

    For example, a listing is currently $5.00. Bidder #1 would pay up to $10.00 for that item, so they enter a bid of $10.00. If they are the only bidder, they win the auction for $5.00 because there were no competing bids. If a previous bidder had a maximum bid of $6.00, the price rises to $6.01 and Bidder #1 takes the lead to win at that price. If Bidder #3 enters a maximum bid of $7.50, they are notified that another bidder has increased the price to $7.51. If Bidder #3 rebids at $15.00, the price rises to $10.01 (exceeding Bidder #1’s max) and they take the lead. Bidder #1 will be notified about being outbid and may enter a new maximum if they choose.

  • How does “Make an Offer” work?

    A Telecom Listings account is required to make offers. A buyer enters the amount that they’d like to purchase the item for and submit it to the seller. They will be notified once the seller makes a decision on your offer. After approval, the buyer will receive a message that they’ve have won the listing and prompted for payment. If rejected, they have the option of submitting a new offer.

  • How do I buy an item?

    Go to the listing and click Add to Cart. You will be directed to the Shopping Cart and able to pay with the Checkout button.

  • Do I have to pay right away?

    Items in your Shopping Cart are not exclusive and taken off the marketplace until you Checkout and provide payment. As a serious buyer, you should pay right away to guarantee the item is yours. If it sits in your cart, other buyers may purchase before you do.

  • My offer is accepted, am I required to purchase?

    Yes. Failure to complete the order from an offer can result in account suspension.

  • How do I cancel an order?

    It is at the seller’s discretion whether they will cancel your order because once sold, the sale is final. Please only submit orders that you are serious about purchasing. To cancel an order, contact the seller dierctly but be aware that it’s not guaranteed.

  • Selling

  • What are the fees for selling an item?

    Telecom Listings charges a 5% selling fee for sold items automatically when the buyer completes payment via PayPal. There is no listing fee and you can remove items at any time. Any listing enhancements, like homepage or category placement, are charged at the time of posting and non-refundable in the event of a no-sale. Compare fees of Telecom Listings and other e-commerce sites here.

    Additionally, PayPal charges a payment processing fee that is directly deducted from the buyer when the transaction is completed.

  • Do I need a 1099-K form for my sales?

    PayPal will send tax forms to sellers that meet or exceed eligibility. Please see PayPal.com for questions regarding these policies.

  • The buyer doesn’t pay, what do I do?

    We only charge seller fees once a buyer completes payment for the transaction, so you will not be charged. If a buyer has unpaid purchases, please contact us and we’ll help rectify the situation. If we find a buyer has a history of non-payment, their account will be subject to suspension and termination.

  • How do I protect myself against fraud and illegitimate buyers?

    Check with PayPal that the transaction is verified and a receiving address is confirmed. If the address is not confirmed, contact the buyer through Telecom Listings to have their address confirmed with PayPal. When shipping, include a tracking number and signature requirement to limit potential fraud or theft.

  • Where can I view my sales history?

    Members Area > Selling > My Sales.

  • Payment

  • As a buyer, how can I pay for an item?

    As a buyer, you can use any type of charge card by simply completing the order via PayPal and entering your credit card information. You can also use your PayPal account to pay for your transaction.

  • How is my credit card data secured?

    Your credit card data is secured by PayPal and never received by our servers at Telecom Listings. This keeps your data secure at all times because we don’t have any access to your credit card information.

  • As a seller, what type of payment can I accept?

    At this time, sellers can accept PayPal only. Buyers can pay with any type of credit card if they don’t have an account and PayPal will still handle the financial transaction.

  • Do I need to charge sales tax?

    You, the seller, are responsible for charging sales tax and Telecom Listings holds no liability or enforcement. Contact your accountant to be advised. Be aware that the law in some states require state tax if you have Nexus. On Telecom Listings, these settings can be enabled in your Members Area.

  • Buyer Protection

    For complete buyer and seller protection information, click here.

  • How do I know what I’m buying?

    Make sure that the item listing provides photos that are authentic and not stock images, particularly if in used condition.

  • I received a damaged item, am I protected?

    To qualify for buyer protection, the sale transaction must be conducted through Telecom Listings and shipped by an insured carrier. Due to carrier restrictions, all shipping damage claims must follow that specific carrier’s process and procedures. Visit their website for further information.

  • The item is not as described. I did not receive the item. Am I protected?

    In the event that an item is disputed from either non-receipt or not as described, we can contact the seller directly on your behalf to aid with resolution. We’ll walk you through PayPal’s claim process and help you to provide all necessary documentation. If you need assistance, please contact us and we’ll respond within three business days.

  • How can I be eligible for buyer/seller protection?

    The sale had been transacted through Telecom Listings and meets any of PayPal’s buyer/seller protection criteria. PayPal Buyer Protection, click here. PayPal Seller Protection, click here.


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