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Share your expertise and publicize your store by becoming a Guest Contributor to Learn & Explore. Your article will be published with a bio and a link to your store under the appropriate category.

We are accepting articles of 300-700 words with no more than 6 images. All submissions are subject to approval and editing by Telecom Listings.

Email submissions to editor@telecomlistings.com

What kinds of articles are we looking for?

The world of telecommunications reaches every corner of modern life. In other words, there’s a lot of room for articles. Here are some suggestions:


Share your expert knowledge.
What’s your specialty? The internet is riddled with unreliable information. Make a difference by providing trustworthy information.

Product Review

Product Review
Part of being in a community is helping others find the best products. Share your experience with a brief review covering your experience with a particular product.
(Reviews by manufacturers of their own products will not be published.)

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Personal Experience
Share your story.
People like to hear about the struggles and successes of likeminded people. What’s your experience with telecom? How has it helped you? What problems have you had, and how have you overcome them?